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Braun Multiquick 3 MPZ 9

28,00 €

Multiquick citrus juicers: Fresh juice made fast and easy

Oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons or limes? The Braun Multiquick citrus juicer turns them into a vitamin-rich juice in seconds - pressed directly into your glass (MPZ 22) and with as much or little pulp as you prefer (MPZ 9, MPZ 6).
Braun offers three versions: From the Multiquick 3 models with up to 1L capacity and pulp control to the Multiquick 5 citrus juicer de luxe with direct juice flow. The MPZ 9 has a press cone which alternately turns left and right for especially thorough juice extraction.

Adjustable pulp control (MPZ 9, MPZ 6)
By turning the juice container at its base, the opening where the pulp is held back are widened or narrowed. So be it from oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, lemons or limes, one can choose the exact amount of pulp in your juice, for children at breakfast or for cocktails in the evening.

Easy to clean
All parts of Braun Multiquick citrus juicers are designed for easy cleaning.
Kannu mahutavus1 l
Toote värvValge
Lihtne puhastadaJah
Võimsus20 W
Võimsus 20 W
Toote värv Valge
Juhtmehoidik Jah
Kannu mahutavus 1 l
Lihtne puhastada Jah


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Braun Multiquick 3 MPZ 9

Braun Multiquick 3 MPZ 9

Braun Multiquick 3 MPZ 9

Braun Multiquick 3 MPZ 9, Valge