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Braun MQ535 Sauce

54,00 €

Multiquick 5 hand blender MQ535 Sauce
An extra light appliance – up to 30% lighter than other hand blenders – with a new slim and soft grip handle, the Braun Multiquick 5 series has been designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. With the Braun patented Power Bell – a combination of ultra hard stainless steel blades and a unique blending bell shape – you will get the best Braun blending performance.

A unique blend of convenience and performance
As convenience can only work with functionality, Braun has ensured you have everything you need to prepare your food. A simple and logical speed control mechanism enables you to prepare your food with one hand for maximum convenience, while the additional turbo button gives you that extra power boost for your toughest ingredients. Blend a wide of variety of soft and hard foods, producing best results every time.

Prepare meals with a range of accessories
The Braun Multiquick 5 MQ535 Sauce hand blender comes with all the essential accessories you'll need in the kitchen. Included in pack are a 600ml beaker to help you blend a variety of soups and sauces, a 500ml chopper accessory that can chop carrots in 7 seconds and meat in 10 seconds and an anti splash stainless steel whisk to help you easily beat egg whites or whip cream for soufflés and desserts. When you're finished, simply detach the stainless steel shaft for easy cleaning. Owing to their German technology, Braun Multiquick hand blenders are built to perform for years to come.
Kannu mahutavus0,5 l
Võimsus600 W
Eemaldatav nõuJah
Toote värvRoostevaba teras
Kiiruste arv2
Nõudepesumasinakindlad osadJah
Pöörlemiskiirus (max)12500 RPM
Kannu materjalPlast
Materjal, toruRoostevaba teras
Tüüp Saumikser
Võimsus 600 W
Toote värv Roostevaba teras
Kannu mahutavus 0,5 l
Kiiruste arv 2
Turbo Jah
Kannu materjal Plast
Vahusti Jah
Eemaldatav nõu Jah
Nõudepesumasinakindlad osad Jah
Mõõtetops Jah
Materjal, toru Roostevaba teras
Pöörlemiskiirus (max) 12500 RPM


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Braun MQ535 Sauce

Braun MQ535 Sauce

Braun MQ535 Sauce

Braun MQ535 Sauce, Plast, Roostevaba teras

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