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Philips Avance Collection HD2698/00 röster

82,00 €

Perfect toast in every bite

Unique heating system guarantees even browning
This Philips Avance collection toaster is designed with cool touch stainless steel for all breads from toast slices, to buns, bagels and baguettes. The three illuminated keys on the front are for reheat, defrost and one sided toasting.

Toasts a wide assortment of different breads
- Extra long slot for baguettes
- Extra wide slot for thick or thin breads
- One-side toasting setting
- Built in rack for heating rolls and croissants

Perfectly easy to control
- Adjustable seven levels of browning control
- Cancel, reheat and defrost button
- Beeps when ready

High quality design
- Cool touch stainless steel
- Illuminated browning display

Effortless cleaning
- Unique slot design directs more crumbs to the crumb tray
- Crumb tray easily released with one click
Toote värvRoostevaba teras
Elektrooniline pruunistumiskontrollJah
Eemaldatav purukandikJah
Juhtme pikkus0,9 m
Automaatne väljalülitusJah
Võimsus1200 W
AC-sisendpinge220 - 240 V
AC-sisendsagedus50/60 Hz
Viilude arv1
Võimsus 1200 W
AC sisendpinge 220 - 240 V
Toote värv Roostevaba teras
AC-sisendsagedus 50/60 Hz
Automaatne väljalülitus Jah
Märgutuli Jah
Juhtme pikkus 0,9 m
Stop/tühista-nupp Jah
Eemaldatav purukandik Jah
Viilude arv 1
Võileivaalus Jah
Elektrooniline pruunistumiskontroll Jah


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Philips Avance Collection HD2698/00 röster

Philips Avance Collection HD2698/00 röster

Philips Avance Collection HD2698/00 röster

Philips Avance Collection HD2698/00, 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

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