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2014 is quickly becoming the year of 4K. It is becoming a valid resolution that offers an improved experience whether it be in the benefit of sheer desktop work space dimensions and enhanced workflow or improved PPI. Equally beneficial is the eye opening enjoyment offered by the clearer, sharper and more detailed viewing of photos and videos. PC gamers are also embracing this resolution, while the current next gen consoles struggle to offer a consistent 1080 resolution gaming experience PC gamers are making the shift from 1080 and 2560 resolutions to 3840. ASUS currently offers two 4K monitors meeting the growing demand from all segments whether it be content creation, productivity, gaming or others. The current 4K portfolio is made up of the the ultra high end IGZO based PQ321 and the new aggressively priced but surprising capable PB287Q. We are excited to announce another upcoming 4K monitor along with the previously announced PA328Q, this new monitor is the PB279Q.

When we previously announced the PB287Q it was about offering 4K to the masses, bringing down the price point of adoption without compromising on the quality of the display overall and offer rich features and functionality. Users and media alike have been impressed by the new generation 10 bit TN panel used in the PB287Q offering impressive color reproduction, solid view angles and ultra sharp clarity. The new PB279Q aims to build on the interest of a more aggressively price 4K monitor but with a focus of offering higher performance for prosumers, professionals and display enthusiasts.

Quick details and usage environments
ASUS and its display division have been extremely busy over the last couple years releasing a wide range of monitors for all segments whether it be gaming, content creation, productivity and much more. Whether it be through inspired designs with rich functionality or advanced specification support there has been an ASUS monitor to meet just about any usage model. Getting added into the award winning PB series of monitors focused at at prosumer, content creation professional, videographer and image quality enthusiast is the upcoming PB279Q. It is a 27” 100% sRGB 4K UHD monitor offering 10-bit color support based on a in plane switching panel. This will offer even higher performance and image quality as well color accuracy and reproduction when compared to the PB287Q. In addition black levels will also superior overall providing users with a price aggressive but high quality and higher performing 4K monitor than the impressive PB287Q. Many games will also be satisfied with solid response time of 5ms while. For many the combination of richer colors, deeper blacks and solid response times will be a no sensible upgrade to the solid color and black performance of the quicker 1ms PB287Q. Rounding out specification the PB279Q will also feature native 60Hz operation ensuring a smooth and responsive experience. Continuing in the tradition of recent ASUS monitors connectivity and aesthetics are improved upon with the PA279Q offering all the connections you could ask for whether it be DP, HDMI or MHL. Last buy not least the monitor features a super thin narrow bezel complimenting multi monitor installations.

In addition to 3840×2160 resolution and outstanding color saturation, performance display enthusiasts will appreciated the flexibility offered by the monitor. Whether it be its extensive range adjustments that include pivot, tilt, swivel or height adjustment the PB279Q will easily adjust to your usage environment and workflow. Additionally great ASUS features like our content creation friendly quickfit overlay system is present along with new Splendid Plus display adjustments allowing you to quickly and easily set the display for appropriate usage whether it be content creation, reading, video / movie watching or gaming. The PB279Q also implements the new OSD GUI ( onscreen display graphic user interface ) implemented in the recent PB287Q. This new OSD offers a clean and easy to under menu system with rich functionality for tweaking and tuning your display. Users looking to maximize the input flexibility and large resolution will appreciate the advanced PiP ( picture in picture ) support as well as PbP ( picture by picture ) support. All in all this is a fantastic display for those looking into any type of content creation, editing, modeling or large workflow usage models. Equally at home this high performance display offers outstanding image quality for image quality enthusiasts in the PC gaming space look to have an ultra sharp and large display for the most detailed PC gaming experience. The adjustment options are great for FPS gamers who prefer a vertical gaming experience compared to a traditional horizontal gaming experience. Movie and video watches will rejoice in rich and accurate color reproduction as well as deep black levels allowing for a cinematic experience whether it be in watching high bit rate HD material or native 4K video content.
Ekraani diagonaal27"
Ekraani heledus300 cd/m²
Ekraani resolutsioon3840 x 2160 pixels
Reaktsiooniaeg5 ms
HD tüüp4K Ultra HD
Ekraani tehnoloogiaIPS
Toetatud graafikaresolutsioonid3840 x 2160
Kontrastsustase (tüüpiline)1000:1
Kontrasti suhe (dünaamiline)100000000:1
Vaatenurk, horisontaalne178°
Vaatenurk, vertikaalne178°
Ekraani värvide arv1,073 miljardit värvi
Loomulik kuvasuhe16:9
Ekraani diagonaal (meetermõõdustik)68,47 cm
Pikslitihedus0,155 x 0,155 mm
Ekraani sRGBJah
HDMI-portide arv4
DisplayPortide arv1
Mini DisplayPortide arv1
Kõrvaklappide ühenduvus3,5 mm
Kõrvaklapi väljundJah
Sisseehitatud kõlar(id)Jah
Integreeritud TV-tuunerEi
Kõlarite arv2
RMS-nimivõimsus4 W
Toote värvMust
Installitud kõhn klientEi
Ethernet LANEi
Kaabliluku pesaKensington
VESA paigaldamineJah
VESA-paigaldusliidesed100 x 100 mm
Pöördenurga ulatus-60 - 60°
Kalde reguleerimineJah
Kaldenurk20 - -5°
Kõrguse reguleerimineJah
Pöörlemisnurk0 - 90°
Toite LED-indikaatorJah
Ooterežiimi LED-indikaatorJah
Pildi kuvamine pildisJah
Sisse/välja lülitiJah
AC-sisendpinge96 - 264 V
AC-sisendsagedus50/60 Hz
Võimsustarve (ooterežiim)0,5 W
Võimsustarve (tüüpiline)60 W
Võimsustarve (väljalülitatud)0,5 W
Energiatõhususe klassTäpsustamata
Energy Star sertifikaatJah
SertifikaatEnergy Star, BSMI, CB, CCC, CE, CEL level 1, C-Tick, CU, ErP, FCC, ISO-9241-307, KCC, PSE, RoHS, TCO6.0, UL/cUL, VCCI, WEEE, WHQL (Windows 8, Windows 7), MEPS
Laius62,5 cm
Sügavus5,88 cm
Kõrgus36,8 cm
Kaal7,7 kg
Laius (koos alusega)62,5 cm
Sügavus (koos alusega)22 cm
Kõrgus (koos alusega)40,8 cm
Pakendi laius75,3 cm
Pakendi sügavus22,4 cm
Pakendi kõrgus45,2 cm
Pakendi kaal10 kg
Kaablid kaasa arvatudVahelduvvool, Audio (3.5mm)
Kiirstardi juhendJah
Height 36,8 cm
Width 62,5 cm
Depth 5,88 cm
Weight 7,7 kg
Kuvar LED
Reageerimisaeg (response time) 5 ms
Kuvasuhe 16:9
AC sisendpinge 96 - 264 V
Bluetooth Ei
Tilt angle 20 - -5°
Kiirstardi juhend Jah
LED-indikaatorid Jah
Toote värv Must
Pakendi kaal 10 kg
Ekraani diagonaal 27"
Ekraani heledus 300 cd/m²
Ekraani resolutsioon 3840 x 2160 pixels
HD tüüp 4K Ultra HD
Ekraani tehnoloogia IPS
Toetatud graafikaresolutsioonid 3840 x 2160
Kontrastsustase (tüüpiline) 1000:1
Kontrasti suhe (dünaamiline) 100000000:1
Vaatenurk, horisontaalne 178°
Vaatenurk, vertikaalne 178°
Ekraani värvide arv 1,073 miljardit värvi
Loomulik kuvasuhe 16:9
Ekraani diagonaal (meetermõõdustik) 68,47 cm
Pikslitihedus 0,155 x 0,155 mm
DVI-port Ei
DisplayPortide arv 1
Sisseehitatud kõlar(id) Jah
Integreeritud TV-tuuner Ei
Installitud kõhn klient Ei
Kaabliluku pesa Kensington
VESA paigaldamine Jah
VESA-paigaldusliidesed 100 x 100 mm
Pööratav Jah
Kalde reguleerimine Jah
Kõrguse reguleerimine Jah
Pöörlemistelg Jah
AC-sisendsagedus 50/60 Hz
Võimsustarve (ooterežiim) 0,5 W
Võimsustarve (tüüpiline) 60 W
Energy Star sertifikaat Jah
Laius (koos alusega) 62,5 cm
Sügavus (koos alusega) 22 cm
Kõrgus (koos alusega) 40,8 cm
Kaablid kaasa arvatud Vahelduvvool, Audio (3.5mm)
Juhend Jah
HDMI-portide arv 4
Kõrvaklappide ühenduvus 3,5 mm
Toite LED-indikaator Jah
Ooterežiimi LED-indikaator Jah
Pildi kuvamine pildis Jah
Sisse/välja lüliti Jah
Pakendi laius 75,3 cm
Pakendi sügavus 22,4 cm
Pakendi kõrgus 45,2 cm
Mini DisplayPortide arv 1 Tekst
Ethernet LAN Ei
Energiatõhususe klass Täpsustamata
Ekraani sRGB Jah
Kõlarite arv 2 Tekst
RMS-nimivõimsus 4 W
Võimsustarve (väljalülitatud) 0,5 W
MHL-liides Jah
WiFi Ei
Isehäälestuv Jah
Kõrvaklapi väljund Jah
Pöördenurga ulatus -60 - 60°
Pöörlemisnurk 0 - 90°
DC-pistik Jah


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ASUS PB279Q, 3840 x 2160 pixels, LED, 4K Ultra HD, IPS, 3840 x 2160, 1000:1

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