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DELL E Series E5515H

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Collaboration on a new scale.
A 138.68 cm (54.6") conference room monitor with easy set-up and excellent viewing.
Automatically adjusts the screen to reflect your PC’s resolution.
Outstanding view:
Full HD resolution and consistent colours across an ultra-wide viewing angle.
Protected by an Advanced Exchange Service and made with eco-responsible materials.

The Dell 55 Monitor is designed for convenience and enhanced productivity with easy set-up right out of the box.
Automatic brilliance:
The 138.68 cm (54.6") display automatically adjusts the screen to reflect your PC’s resolution.
Vivid versatility:
Access data from a USB drive or connect a keyboard and other peripherals through two USB 2.0 ports. Additional HMDI and VGA ports stand ready to effortlessly project your content from most PCs. HDMI also allows you to connect to Dell Wyse Cloud Connect and Dell Chromebox.
Ready when you are:
With hassle-free projection from most PCs and plug-and-play connectivity, your presentations can begin shortly after you press power.
Cordless convenience:
Easily adjust the monitor brightness or volume of the built-in 5W speakers with the convenience of a remote control.
Flexible viewing options:
Customize your view with an available wall mount – VESA compatible 400mm x 400mm.

A display as brilliant as your ideas.
Great for conference rooms with ambient lighting conditions, the exceptional onscreen clarity and bright images of the 138.68 cm (54.6") monitor provide outstanding views.
Bold colours:
A 3000:1 contrast ratio keeps colours deep and rich for a viewing experience that commands your attention.
A great view, from any angle:
Colours remain consistent across an ultra-wide 178° x 178° viewing angle, with a 16:9 aspect ratio for a great picture.
Exceptional clarity:
Present seamlessly or communicate on a 138.68 cm (54.6"), anti-glare screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Text appears sharp and bold, great for viewing Excel spreadsheets and additional Office applications.
Web conferencing made easy:
Turn your E5515H Monitor into the ultimate web conferencing hub with the optional Dell Chromebox for meetings. Collaborate face-to-face with co-workers and clients seamlessly with this impressive and easy-to-use Cloud-based video conferencing solution.

Reliable performance. Eco-design.
The expansive 138.68 cm (54.6") monitor is backed with technology, services and coverage that offer reliable performance for everyday use.
- Makers of the No. 1 world-wide monitor brand in 20131.
- Extensive coverage with a 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty and Advanced Exchange Service.
- Made with eco-conscious, premium-quality materials, the E5515H monitor is BFR/PVC-free (excluding external cables), has an arsenic-free and mercury-free LED panel and is designed to meet ENERGY STAR® and RoHS.

Get the most out of your meetings
Your Dell 55 Monitor - E5515H is just the start. Look for these great accessories when finalizing your purchase to complete your conference room.
Dell 55 Monitor - E5515H - Dell Chromebox

Dell Chromebox
Connect wirelessly to clients and co-workers with cloud-based HD video meetings on a secure Chrome OS. Dell 55 Monitor - E5515H - Dell Wyse Personal Cloud Stick

Wyse Cloud Connect
Get secure productivity from anywhere with the IT-managed enterprise client with outstanding portability, security and rich user experience for accessing broad applications and content in the cloud. Dell 55 Monitor - E5515H - Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - KM714

Chief Mount X-Large
The installer-inspired tilt mount offers perfect positioning and flexible adjustments for wall mounted displays

Limited Hardware Warranty:
Because it is backed by a 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty and Advanced Exchange Service, you can purchase your Dell 55 Monitor - E5515H with confidence.
Ekraani diagonaal54.6"
Ekraani heledus350 cd/m²
Ekraani resolutsioon1920 x 1080 pikslit
Reaktsiooniaeg8 ms
HD tüüpFull HD
Ekraani tehnoloogiaVA
Ekraani pindMatt
Toetatud graafikaresolutsioonid1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
Kontrastsustase (tüüpiline)3000:1
Vaatenurk, horisontaalne178°
Vaatenurk, vertikaalne178°
Ekraani värvide arv16,78 miljonit värvi
Loomulik kuvasuhe16:9
Ekraani diagonaal (meetermõõdustik)138,68 cm
Pikslitihedus0,21 x 0,63 mm
Toetatud videorežiimid1080p
USB-jaoturi versioonUSB 2.0
USB A-tüüpi allavooluportide arv2 Tekst
VGA (D-Sub) portide arv1
HDMI-portide arv2
Sisseehitatud kõlar(id)Jah
Sisseehitatud kaameraEi
Integreeritud TV-tuunerEi
Kõlarite arv2 Tekst
RMS-nimivõimsus10 W
Toote värvMust
Hoidja värvMust
Installitud kõhn klientEi
Kaabliluku pesaJah
VESA paigaldamineJah
VESA-paigaldusliidesed400 x 400 mm
Kõrguse reguleerimineEi
Ekraanikuva (OSD)Jah
Sisse/välja lülitiJah
AC-sisendpinge100 - 240 V
AC-sisendsagedus50/60 Hz
Elektritarbimine (max)135 W
Võimsustarve (ooterežiim)0,5 W
Võimsustarve (tüüpiline)65 W
Nimivool2,5 A
Kasutamistemperatuur (T-T)0 - 40 °C
Hoiustamistemperatuur (T-T)-20 - 60 °C
Suhteline õhuniiskus kasutamisel (H-H)20 - 80 protsenti
Suhteline õhuniiskus (H-H) hoiustamisel10 - 90 protsenti
Kasutamiskõrgus0 - 5000 m
Kõrgus mittekasutamisel0 - 12191 m
Energy Star sertifikaatJah
Laius124,1 cm
Sügavus6,48 cm
Kõrgus72,2 cm
Kaal20,3 kg
Laius (koos alusega)124,1 cm
Sügavus (koos alusega)24,5 cm
Kõrgus (koos alusega)78,6 cm
Pakendi kaal32,2 kg
Käeshoitav kaugjuhtimispultJah
Kaablid kaasa arvatudHDMI, USB, VGA
Kiirstardi juhendJah
Height 72,2 cm
Width 124,1 cm
Depth 6,48 cm
Weight 20.3 kg
Kuvar LED
Reageerimisaeg (response time) 8 ms
Kuvasuhe 16:9
AC sisendpinge 100 - 240 V
3D No
Kiirstardi juhend Jah
Toote värv Must
Pakendi kaal 32,2 kg
Kasutustemperatuur (T-T) 0 - 40 °C
Ekraani diagonaal 54.6"
Ekraani heledus 350 cd/m²
Ekraani resolutsioon 1920 x 1080 pikslit
HD tüüp Full HD
Ekraani tehnoloogia VA
Toetatud graafikaresolutsioonid 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
Kontrastsustase (tüüpiline) 3000:1
Vaatenurk, horisontaalne 178°
Vaatenurk, vertikaalne 178°
Ekraani värvide arv 16,78 miljonit värvi
Loomulik kuvasuhe 16:9
Ekraani diagonaal (meetermõõdustik) 138,68 cm
Pikslitihedus 0,21 x 0,63 mm
USB-jaoturi versioon USB 2.0
USB A-tüüpi allavooluportide arv 2 Tekst
VGA (D-Sub) portide arv 1
DVI-port Ei
Sisseehitatud kõlar(id) Jah
Sisseehitatud kaamera Ei
Integreeritud TV-tuuner Ei
Installitud kõhn klient Ei
Kaabliluku pesa Jah
VESA paigaldamine Jah
VESA-paigaldusliidesed 400 x 400 mm
Kõrguse reguleerimine Ei
AC-sisendsagedus 50/60 Hz
Elektritarbimine (max) 135 W
Võimsustarve (ooterežiim) 0,5 W
Võimsustarve (tüüpiline) 65 W
Hoiustamistemperatuur (T-T) -20 - 60 °C
Suhteline õhuniiskus kasutamisel (H-H) 20 - 80 protsenti
Suhteline õhuniiskus (H-H) hoiustamisel 10 - 90 protsenti
Kasutamiskõrgus 0 - 5000 m
Kõrgus mittekasutamisel 0 - 12191 m
Energy Star sertifikaat Jah
Laius (koos alusega) 124,1 cm
Sügavus (koos alusega) 24,5 cm
Kõrgus (koos alusega) 78,6 cm
Kaablid kaasa arvatud HDMI, USB, VGA
Juhend Jah
HDMI-portide arv 2
Ekraanikuva (OSD) Jah
Sisse/välja lüliti Jah
Ekraani pind Matt
Käeshoitav kaugjuhtimispult Jah
Kõlarite arv 2 Tekst
RMS-nimivõimsus 10 W
Toetatud videorežiimid 1080p
Hoidja värv Must
Nimivool 2,5 A


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DELL E Series E5515H

DELL E Series E5515H

DELL E Series E5515H

DELL E Series E5515H, 1920 x 1080 pikslit, LED, Full HD, VA, Matt, 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)

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