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Philips Steam&Go GC310/55 aurupuhasti

64,00 €

Experience the convenience of the Steam&Go handheld garment steamer. Just press the
trigger and quickly remove creases with continuous steam. Ironing has never been easier.

Quick crease removal
- Automatic continuous steam delivered by electric pump
- Fast heat up time
- Brush accessory for a smooth finish

Easy to use
- Ergonomic design for handheld operation
- No ironing board needed
- Detachable water tank for easier filling

Safe on all garments
- Safe to use on delicate fabrics, like silks
Maht0,06 l
Veemahuti suurus0,06 l
Kaabli pikkus2 m
Toote värvSinine, Valge
Võimsus1000 W
AC-sisendpinge220 V
Pidev auruvoog20 g/min
Laius34,7 cm
Sügavus12,9 cm
Kõrgus12,2 cm
Kaal660 g
Kaal0,660 kg
Kaasas pintselJah
Pakendi kaal0,890 kg
Mõõdud (l x s x k)34,7 cm
Height 12,2 cm
Width 34,7 cm
Depth 12,9 cm
Weight 660 g
Tüüp Kaasaskantav
Võimsus 1000 W
Kaabli pikkus 2 m
AC sisendpinge 220 V
Mahutavus 0,06 l
Toote värv Sinine, Valge
Pakendi kaal 0,890 kg
Veemahuti suurus 0,06 l
Pidev auruvoog 20 g/min
Kaasas pintsel Jah
Puhastushari Jah
Mõõdud (l x s x k) 34,7 cm


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Philips Steam&Go GC310/55 aurupuhasti

Philips Steam&Go GC310/55 aurupuhasti

Philips Steam&Go GC310/55 aurupuhasti

Philips Steam&Go GC310/55, Kaasaskantav, Sinine, Valge

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